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Laraben Sires

Laraben 200349

200349 has been retained for his exceptional wool quality testing 17.4 micron. He is very well covered, he is structurally sound, very well nourished super-fine wool. As a weaner he tested 16.6 micron and cut 7kg at 9 months. He is DNA tested PH.
Body weight (19.8.21) 100.5kg.

Laraben 200393

200393 is another 180090 son. He has very rich, bold, fine wool, testing 17.8 micron. He cut 7kg at 16.5 microns at 9 months of age. He is DNA tested PH.
Body weight (19.8.21) 92.2kg.

Laraben 200831

200831 is a later born lamb, he is only just 12 months of age. He stands very square on all four feet and has a wide behind. His mother is 150630 who has bred well for many years and is very fertile. He is very pure and soft around the muzzle. He cut 4.5kg of 16.9 micron wool at 6 months. He is DNA tested PP.
Body weight (19.8.21) 101kg.

Laraben 200330

200330 is a long bodied lamb who stands square and is very well covered. We like his breeding; his grandmother is 090024 which is one of our main donor ewes. He is quite a large framed ram for his wool type. He tested 16.1 micron, cutting 6.8kg at 9 months of age.
Body weight (19.8.21) 104.5kg.

Laraben 5-100

Mic: 17.5, SD: 2.4, CV: 13.7,
CF: 99.8, Spin F: 16.1, Curv: 70

5-100 is out of a daughter of a Merryville ram by Willandra 025, which is a Willandra GP son. 5-100 is more of a dual purpose, carcass type ram with a massive early growth for a superfine ram. He weighted 128kg at 15 months.


Laraben 6-65

Two year old test on full shed feed 2018 - 

Mic: 16.8 SD: 2.2, CV: 13.1,

CF: 99.8, Spin F: 15.4, Curv. 68

6-65 is a twin born AI lamb out of our first drop of Y961 lambs. His mother 426, has been in our ET program since she had this set of twins. He has a soft handling, positive testing, fine wool type. He is well covered, structurally sound and an easy doing sheep.


Laraben 8-090

Mic: 17.4, SD: 2.7, CV: 15.5,
CF: 99.7, Spin F: 16.2, Curv: 59

8-090 is a Rock Bank Max son, his mother 518 goes back to our Quamby Park line which is a Merryville Ringmaster family. Rock Bank Max was Victorian Ram of the year in 2016. 8-090 is a very soft, pure fine wool sire, very well covered and sound structurally.

8-090 Wool.jpg
8-090 shed.jpg

Laraben 8-021

Mic: 18.3, SD: 2.8, CV: 15.2,

CF: 99.5, Spin F: 17.0, Curv: 78

Sire: Y961

8-021 is ET bred and is a full brother to 6-65. We took 8-021 to GSSM 2020 who was Champion Fine Wool Poll Ram and Junior Champion Poll Ram. We really like his loose, rich skin which is producing a long stapled, well nourished fine wool. He stands very proud and square.

8-091 Ram GSSM.JPG

Laraben 3-856

Mic: 16.4, SD: 2.1, CV: 12.8,
CF: 99.9, Spin F: 15.0, Curv: 70

3-856 has been our go-to sire for the last few years. 3-856 produces good commercially orientated sheep, consistently heavy cutters of low micron. He is by a Wurrook ram we purchased in Canberra in 2013, which is by RP64. 3-856 cut 14kg as a 6 year old paddock run sire.

* Photos taken display 3-856 at 7 1/2 years old.


Laraben 6-32

Two year old test on full shed feed 2019 - 

BWT: 130 kg

Mic: 19.3, SD: 2.8, CV: 14.5,

CF: 99.7, Spin F: 17.9, Curv: 64

6-32 was sold in February 2019 at the Mudgee Ram Sale for $5000. We continue to use 6-32 through AI. He is a powerhouse for wool cut and bone. His mother 342, consistently produces heavy cutting progeny. A full sister to 6-32 out of the 2018 drop maiden ewes was our heaviest cutting ewe for our 2020 shearing, cutting 14.1kg at 17.6 micron paddock run. 6-32 has been DNA tested PP.

6-32 wool.JPG

Laraben 7-091

Mic: 17, SD: 2.6, CV: 15.1, CF: 99.5, Spin F: 15.85, Curv: 92.2

7-091 is by Willandra 25. We kept him because he is a big, stretchy superfine ram. He is a good doing sheep and is structurally very sound.



Mic: 16.5, SD: 2.7, CV: 16.4, CF: 99.9, Spin F: 15.5, Curv: 36

Y-948 is a sire purchased from Yarrawonga in 2018 for $11 000. His sire is PB948. We liked his massive staple and heavy cutting ability with a positive testing wool. He has plenty of length of canon bone and is very well covered.

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